Síológa Parent and Child Programme

Parent and Child Programme

Kildare Steiner School is delighted to resume the Parent and Toddler Group every Tuesday and Thursday between 10am – 12pm. Síológa Parent and Child Programme offers a holistic, Rudolf Steiner-based education experience for children aged 0-3 or until they are ready to transition to Kindergarten.

Our Síológa Parent and Child Group stands as a beacon of Steiner Waldorf learning and offers a sacred space where education blossoms as a deeply soulful journey of human development, nurturing the mind, the soul, the spirit, and the body of young children.  Nestled in a serene log cabin surrounded by whispers of nature, we come together to play and learn, as well as to embrace life in its purest and most beautiful form. 

Nature as the Steiner Guide

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, always emphasized the profound connection between human beings and nature. At Síológa, we embrace this tenet wholeheartedly. Before the din of technology and the rush of modern life, there was nature, our primary educator. Children here merge with nature, understanding life’s rhythms and cycles as an intrinsic part of their being. 

Imagine a morning where little feet dance to the melody of the changing seasons. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the World slows down, and we tune in to nature’s rhythm. As leaves transform and petals bloom, our sessions echo these wonders, allowing the young and the young-at-heart to immerse themselves in this cyclical dance of life.

Crafted from the Earth: Play with Natural Materials

In a world increasingly dominated by plastic, we prioritize the hand-made, the crafted, the organic. All our toys are made from natural materials: handmade wooden building blocks, clay figurines, knitted animals using natural wool, handmade dolls, silk materials for role play, handcrafted toys that resonate warmth and energy, fostering a deep connection with the Earth’s elements. 

Through tactile experiences, children imbibe the authenticity that only natural materials can bestow and these toys are touchstones to the world’s genuine essence. We place a great emphasis on free play, as an immersion into a world molded by nature.

Crafting Connections: Embracing Nature’s Gifts

At Síológa, we make seasonal crafts that are more than activities, they’re stories told by tiny hands. Whether it’s weaving a daisy chain or crafting a leaf work, every creation speaks of a bond with nature, with peers, and with the self.

A Haven of Belonging: Every Child, Seen and Loved

At Síológa, we recognize and revere the unique spirit within each child. Our approach is about unveiling each child’s individuality and unique gifts.

During our time together, every child is seen, loved, and cherished just as they are. Our closeness to nature nurtures a profound sense of belonging, where individuality is celebrated, and every voice, no matter how tiny, finds a listening ear.

Healthy Rhythms and Movement: Dance of the Seasons

The day at Síológa Parent and Child Programme follows the gentle cadence of rhythm and nature. Children resonate with rhythms, embracing movement that mirrors the pulse of their hearts and the seasons. Their laughter echoes in open spaces, their feet join forest walks, and their souls dance to the music of the Earth.

Supporting Journeys: Both Parent and Child

Navigating the vast landscapes of early education can be overwhelming, but at Síológa Parent and Child Group parents are companions in this journey. The school stands as a beacon of support, ensuring that both parent and child walk hand in hand, forging memories and building a strong bond with each other and the natural world around.

Community and Seasons: A Symphony of Celebration

The spirit of community thrives in every nook and cranny of Kildare Steiner School. As days melt into seasons, our families come together, following the seasonal celebrations. Autumn crafts, winter tales, spring blossoms, and summer songs – every phase of nature is a reason to unite and rejoice.

And as our children grow, finding their feet and voice, we too evolve, rooted in a community of love, understanding, and shared purpose. This journey from the cradle to Kindergarten is not just about milestones, but about moments – the laughter, the wonder, the shared glances of understanding.

By joining Síológa Parent and Child Programme at Kildare Steiner School, one is not just stepping into an educational Programme, but is embracing a philosophy, a way of life, a heartbeat that resonates with nature and kinship.