Kildare Steiner school is among the oldest Waldorf schools in Ireland, which comprises of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, located in the Irish countryside south west of Dublin.

We are now seeking an inspirational and passionate leader who shares our Waldorf school vision, who can contribute to our story and enhance the strengths of our staff.  We seek to create a heart-centred community of teachers, children and parents who strive to engender kind hearts, words, and deeds.

“A healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living”. Rudolf Steiner

We wish to encourage our staff to uphold the values of true Steiner Education. We value the writing of the School Report at the end of the school year that encourages the children to nourish their trust in themselves, with kind reflections that will motivate the child to improve in the required areas.

if you share our belief in the beauty of childhood and have a deep understanding of how a child’s ability to excel can manifest through their hands, their heart and their head, come and join our family in the Irish beautiful countryside setting just 40 minutes from Dublin city. 

The experience of the child in the kindergarten during the years when they are most open to the world around them lays the foundation for healthy development and a sound education throughout the subsequent years. The kindergarten years are therefore regarded as the basis upon which Steiner education is built. In effect, the Kindergarten Assistant should be a role model worthy of imitation by the children in his/her care. 

The kindergarten assistant will work alongside the Kindergarten teacher/s in their work and help maintain the Kindergarten environment and atmosphere. 

Main responsibilities:

  • To recognise and support each stage of the young child’s development and support the rhythm of the Kindergarten. 
  • Be alert and aware of situations needing attention, respond appropriately, and develop the skills needed to take care of children needing comfort and first aid. 
  • To maintain the Kindergarten environment to a high standard and observe Health and Safety
  • Help with the daily preparation of room materials and activities.
  • Provide an example for the children to imitate when leading or assisting craft and cleaning activities.
  • Support the listening skills during storytime and be actively engaged with the content of ringtime, learning the songs and gestures and developing skills in story-telling, puppetry, finger rhymes, songs and poems. 
  • Supervise and lead garden play and activities as needed, and supervise children on walks. 
  • Help clean, mend and make equipment and help maintain areas used by the kindergarten, including the hallway, kitchen, slippers/coats/boots, toilets and garden areas. 
  • Liaise with parents/carers when required and inform teachers of conversations about the welbeing and development of the children, and be aware of maintaining confidentiality. 
  • Assist the kindergarten teachers with record keeping, for example writing observations, learning journeys, etc. 
  • Work as a member of the Kindergarten team with flexibility and with a team spirit 
  • Uphold kindergarten policies and whole school policies, working with the principles of Steiner-Waldorf education. 
  • Attend statutory and non-statutory training courses as required, and Steiner training/ conferences whenever possible. 
  • To strive to be a reflective practitioner on a path of self-development. 
  • To work towards deepening his/her understanding of Waldorf pedagogy and the development of the human being out of anthroposophy. 
  • Perform such other duties as the kindergarten teachers or College may from time to time reasonably require.
  • To collaborate actively with teaching colleagues in the Parent & Child Group, Kindergarten, Lower (Primary) School and Middle (Secondary) School.
  • To participate in Mandate Group or Board meetings on request
  • To contribute to the College of Teachers on an ongoing basis
  • To be involved in providing cover for absent colleagues when the need arises
  • To promote the School’s ethos, principles and objectives
  • To operate within the School’s policies and procedures.
  • To foster the continuous development of our Kindergarten, working in close collaboration with Blathu’s National Development Officer
  • To provide guidance, mentoring & inspiring leadership to volunteers and trainees.

These duties are not exhaustive, but summarise the main responsibilities of the Kindergarten Assistant.

Your Profile:

  • Approved Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten teaching qualification or in training
  • QQI Level 6 Childcare or equivalent
  • Minimum of one year Steiner Waldorf kindergarten practice or observation practice
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Ability to relate to and inspire children
  • Willingness to work collaboratively with teaching staff
  • Adaptability in the context of a small school
  • Good interpersonal communication skills in dealing with parents
  • Capacity to work with the group using creativity and initiative  
  • Good written communication skills
  • Organised and conscientious
  • Interested in your continuous learning and development
  • Motivated to contribute to the ongoing development of the Kindergarten and the School as a whole.

Hours of work: 20 core contact hours per week with a working pattern to be agreed upon within the College of Teachers. The day starts at 8.30 am and finishes no later than 2.30 pm, apart from the weekly kindergarten and School Teachers meetings. There is a requirement to assist in covering break times, attend meetings (weekly), Parents’ Evenings (one per term), The School AGM and Community meeting (Yearly) School Festivals, and Open Days (three per year). Preparation and compiling of annual yearbooks are not included in the core hours.

How to apply

If you would like to discuss the role, please contact Jonathan De Andrade (Board Member) at +353 87 0690548. Applications with Curriculum Vitae to or using the above form

May 2022